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Top interior design tips for student rooms and small living rooms

if you spend much time in living rooms. Then you know the frustration of having to look for something hidden in piles and piles of stuff. As a student, you spend nearly all your time in your room since you do not have a day job. You need to spruce up your room. Make it lovely and homely.

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But you do not have the cash to hire an interior design specialist. In this article, I am going to give you a few Do It Yourself interior design tips to make decorating ideas for small living rooms look beautiful, spacious and welcoming. DIY is cheap and inventive. You will get to enjoy playing around with stuff to give your stuffy room a makeover. These tips are not only great for students but are also great for decorating living rooms too.

1. String art-String art is a cool way to create beautiful home decorations that wont wreck your budget. All you need is a long string and your imagination. Using string art you can create nearly anything. From hearts, basketball, and if word captions and if you are talented enough you can even produce images of your loved ones.

2. Create invisible shelves-As a student you have many books lying around living room. You can use the bookends of these books to create an invisible bookshelf for your books.

3. Make a stool using old magazines, wooden stand and a pillow- You can use these three items in living room to create an amazingly beautiful stool that can be used by your visitors or just a decorative feature. To create the stool, you just need to tie the pillow to the wooden stand and arrange the old magazines to give your stool additional support.

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4. Cool shoe hangers- You can turn your rarely used thin court hangers into shoe hangers to accommodate your thousand pair of shoes.

5. Make a wooden picture frame- You can make wooden picture frame by just transferring your pictures that do not have a frame on to any piece of wood.

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6. Create your own notice board-As a student you know the importance of a notice. You can also create your own personal notice board to remind yourself of important activities in your life by just filling empty picture frames with chalk board. This will give you a great novel like notice board. You can also create a noticeboard using cork boards.

7. Make a candle romantic candle stand-You have bottle wines from your previous house parties. You can use these to make beautiful decorative candle stands by just sticking a candle on one of the many old bottle wines in living room.

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8. Necklace hangers-For girls, a necklace hanger is a very important home accessory. It not only lets you display your beautiful necklace, but it also lets you keep your necklaces safely.
The following 8 decorating ideas for small living rooms are enough to turn your shabby student room or design ideas for living rooms into a beautiful house with superior interior design at minimal cost. There is no limit to what you can do to living room by yourself. What matters is your imagination. So long you are creative and imaginative enough, you can never fail make decorating small living room look amazing.

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