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Making your small living room work for you

The problem with small living room spaces is that they get smaller very quickly. Between the mess that accumulates with everyday living and acquiring new knick knacks and decoration pieces, a small space can easily become cluttered. Of course, there is no steadfast rule that says it has to be this way. There are small living room designs that can be comfortable while also eliminating clutter. The following decorating ideas for small living rooms are tailored for such circumstances.

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Any good small living room furniture idea includes furniture that has many uses. A multi-purpose coffee table with storage bins underneath will make the most of your small living room. Unsightly clutter will be contained and your living room will be organized. If you entertain frequently and need additional seating, a medium-sized ottoman is a great small living room furniture idea—it can double as comfortable seating as well as a coffee table. Bulky furniture has got to go—it will ensure your small room looks smaller. Too much furniture will do the same. When dealing with small living room designs, it is best to take a minimalist approach and only keep what is necessary.

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As with furniture, decorations in a small living room should be kept to minimum. Huge throw pillows are a no-go as they can swallow a moderate sized couch. Throw pillows, however, can be used to give the room some color. Vibrant patterns and colors will make up for minimal decor. Too many knick knacks will make your space look cluttered, so it is important to purge any excessive decorations that accumulate. Wall art should be proportionate to the room. Tables should be kept relatively clear of knick knacks. Any horizontal space will quickly be loaded up with the objects of day-to-day living and any extra decor will add to the clutter problem.

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Lighting will help make your small space warm and inviting. It can also enlarge a room. Lamps that are mounted to the wall are good options for a small living room as they do not take up valuable table space. Natural light from windows will also liven up a small room. Having sheer curtains will allow the light to shine through while also muting it if it is too harsh.

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PaintOne of the best decorating ideas for small living rooms is paint. The color of your room can change how it is perceived. A dark colored room will be warm, but also look smaller than it actually is. That is why it is important to paint your small living room a light color. A light yellow or soft peach will give make your living room bright and cheery. A neutral beige gives you color while also leaving your decor options open.

Decorating a small living room does not have to be an impossible task. When taking into account the space you have, there are many ways to make it work for you.

Gallery of decorating ideas for small living rooms

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