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Guide to Inspired Bedrooms for Teenagers

There are so many teen bedroom designs that you could say they are experts on saving money. Teens don’t need a room full of expensive furnitures! They need a refresing and comfortable bedroom interior design. Let’s take a look at the following girls’ bedroom decoration ideas.

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1) Work the walls. Hang all of your funny pictures with your friends on the wall. There is no better way to wake up in the morning with a large smile on your face! What are the benefits of having posters of famous people, anyway? You can also draw at the wall! Yes, draw it!! Use your imagination and make something that you really like(if you are afraid that the result will be really bad, remember, everything can be fixed! You will place pictures above your drawing).

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2) Save space. Stay away from couches, buy a beautifull carpet and colourful floor cushions instead. It will create a very relaxing atmosphere and your bedroom will seem enormous. Believe me, your friends will adore it, they will love hanging out at your place. Who wouldn’t like it?(Your parents maybe).

3) Use beautiful boxes instead of furnitures. Do it yourself! The most practical solution for teenage girl bedrooms. It will help you keep your staff organised, so you can find everything you need easily. Furthermore that’s a new way to keep your secrets safe. Here is also a tip: As everyone knows, teenagers can do everything except from keeping their clothes into theis wardrobe. Place the biggest box in a corner of your room and throw your clothes inside, stop throwing them on your bed or the chair!

4) Play with the colours. Everyone believes that teenage girl bedrooms should be full of white and pink. A teenager is no longer a little princess though, she is a girl turning into a woman. So, pick up the colours you love and combine the wall with the sheets or the carpet with the pillows (or make differrent colour compinations until you find the one you love).

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5) Hang handmade things of the ceiling. Colored paper lanterns would be the best choise for a magical teenager girl bedroom! You will spend almost half an hour to make them but the result will be a huge reward! These teen bedroom designs will make a beautifull room, but also will make it seem cleaned and organised ! hope this bedroom interior design will help you create the bedroom of your dreams, as it helped me create my favourite place.

Gallery of girls bedroom decorating ideas

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