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Designe your own living room! Decorating ideas for living room

Are you bored with your own living room? Do you think that usual living room themes from the market are boring? Now you can do it yourself! Here are some ideas to decorate living rooms. Let’s get started!

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First of all, an original and nice idea are flowers. You can do anything with a little bit of imagination and some flowers. If you want to be more classy use original vases. These can be found in different art stores or big markets for construction materials and furniture like IKEA . A prettier idea is to paint a vase by yourself with acrylic paints or ceramic paints. If you want a vintage style decor you can put the flowers in pretty woven baskets and add some decorations like leaves, little mushrooms, butterflies or other cute little things. These can be awesome home decorating ideas for living room.

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Another idea for a modern living room is to hang big, bright and abstract paintings on the walls. Some of them are usually very expensive, but there are also young, unconsecrated artists, who are excited to sell you their paintings at a low price. If you have artistic skills you can paint your walls by yourself. Go ahead, be creative, let your hand do whatever the hand wants to do and of course let your mind blow up with ideas to decorate your living room. In this case you can use stencils to make patterns or a sketched landscape. There are a lot of helpful kits for wall painting in specialty stores. Choose some living room themes that you like and search young artists or take a walk to an art store.

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If the weather outside is frightful all you need is a cozy and warm living room, where you can spend time in your pijamas, knee socks and drinking some tee. For this comfy living room , putting tons of pillows and blankets on the couch is a must . Decorated, soft pillows could be renewed from the old ones if you cut and sew a little. You can remove the old content and replace it with a softer content, like proper sponge, cotton, padding. Also, for decoration you can add some cool prints, which can be founded in a haberdashery.

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In conclusion, using new home decorating ideas for living room could be a better way to save money and have fun at the same time. Make it possible! Do it yourself, for you and for the environment!

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